• Movement along the X / Y / Z axes - 2120/1600/800 mm
  • The distance from the end face of the spindle to the table surface is 200-1000 mm
  • Distance between columns - 1700 mm
  • Power (nominal / 30 min.), KW 22/26
  • Feed speed along the X / Y / Z axes - 24000/24000/15000 mm / min
  • Number of tools - 32 pcs.

It serves for processing parts of medium and large sizes in three coordinates on five sides.

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• Powerful built-in synchronous motor guarantees high processing efficiency for heavy materials such as steel, as well as light alloys of aluminum. The 30 kW counter spindle enables complex machining of the workpiece.

• A servo-controlled tool changer performs a shift in 2 seconds and provides 5 seconds from cut to cut.A tool matrix with 40 positions allows you to store tools up to 295 mm long (400 mm optional) and weighing up to 7 kg.

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