Machining Operation


The new generation of SMART TURN multipurpose turning and milling machining centers with automatic tool changer developed by BIGLIA is a complete combination of turning and milling machining centers.

SMART TURN is a flexible manufacturing solution in response to the growing processing needs of small to medium sized components in a variety of industries such as aviation, aerospace, medical, automotive and general manufacturing.

Distinctive parameters

• Maximum efficiency and precision, thanks to the complete machining of any kind of the most complex parts on one machine.

• Turning and milling operations with the most difficult materials through an integrated head rotating in the B-axis and moving in the Y-axis, equipped with a powerful spindle motor.

• Excellent chip removal and machining accuracy due to the rigid, solid structure of the machine and exceptional vibration damping.


A part from our factory will cost you less than purchasing several conventional machines or placing an order at several factories.


The powerful built-in synchronous motor guarantees high efficiency when machining heavy materials such as steel and light aluminum alloys. The counter spindle with a power of 30 kW allows for complex workpiece processing.


The servo-controlled tool changer takes 2 seconds to change and provides 5 seconds from cut to cut.
The 40-position tool magazine allows you to store tools up to 295 mm long (optionally 400 mm) and weighing up to 7 kg.


The program itself finds the reference points on the workpiece, and also calculates its length, width and diameter. The quality and geometric accuracy of BIGLIA equipment meets the strict requirements of the German standard DIN VDI / DGQ 3441

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