Machining Operation


A simple and reliable system for changing heads and feeding tools, combined with the function of five-sided processing, enables us to prepare products weighing up to 5000 kg, up to 2 meters long and up to 1.5 meters high.


Common elements (nodes) for train cars of any type.
Chassis, train body and frame, shock-traction devices and braking equipment.


Parts of ship steam engines - cylinders, pistons, connecting rod.

Distinctive parameters of the SB series

Bor Iron Works is equipped with a gantry type SB machining center designed for high-precision and high-performance processing of metal products up to 5000kg under severe operating conditions.

Serves for processing parts of medium and large sizes in three coordinates from five sides.


A part from our factory will cost you less than purchasing several conventional machines or placing an order at several factories.


The simple and reliable head and tool changing system combined with the five-sided machining function makes this series of machines the most efficient equipment for processing medium to large parts in three dimensions on five sides.


The dimensions of the working area 2000x1500x1700mm allow you to process products of impressive size.
The accuracy of the machine is due to a deviation of less than 3 microns on the plane 1200x1200 mm. (According to JIS 0 standard: flatness within 7 microns on a plate 1000x1000 mm).


The program itself finds the reference points on the workpiece, and also calculates its length, width and diameter. The quality and geometric accuracy of WELE equipment meets the stringent requirements of the German DIN VDI / DGQ 3441 standard.

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