Metal Analysis


For accurate composition analysis of metals at BIW, we use the «MSA II V5».

This is the modern optical emission spectrometer, which is designed for quick and accurate chemical analysis of any metals, alloys and other materials directly in percentage-based concentration.


A modern spectrometer in the cast house allows you to:

  • prepare a high-quality furnace charge from metal waste during remelting;
  • receive operational information on the composition of the metal in the furnace and correct it in a timely manner;
  • melting metal out in strict accordance with the grade composition;
  • save expensive alloying elements due to melting at the lower boundaries;
  • prevent the loss of materials, electricity and labor costs during casting or processing of ungraded metal Si, Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Fe, Al, Nb, W, Ti, Pb, Zn, Co, Bi and other elements.


for metal analysis


From 7 to 60 seconds


The number of simultaneously determined elements in the composition: 50


  • steel and cast iron of all grades;
  • copper and copper alloys (yellow metal, bronze, etc.);
  • aluminum and aluminum alloys;
  • lead, tin and alloys based on them;
  • alloys based on titanium, magnesium and other metals;
  • precious metals and their alloys

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