Chip processing

In the process of manufacturing metal products, the problem of waste disposal inevitably arises. And one of the most pressing is the task of recycling metal chips. When remelting shavings at our own production facilities, the yield of the resulting metal is very low and is accompanied by severe air pollution. There are a number of reasons why it is beneficial and expedient to carry out the primary processing of chips.

Our company is ready to offer you services for briquetting of non-ferrous metal shavings: copper, brass, bronze, as well as to purchase your shavings for your own production.

Increasing chip cost.
Briquetted chips are accepted for remelting at other, higher prices than just twisted chips.

Reduced loss of briquettes during remelting.
When remelting shavings at our own foundries, twisted shavings almost completely burn out, i.е. disposed of irretrievably. Crushed shavings have waste up to 30%. During briquetting, the contact surface of the chips is reduced, which reduces its waste during melting by several times. And the loss of metal during the melting of chip briquettes slightly exceeds the standard waste that occurs during the remelting of lumpy scrap metal.

Reducing the cost of processing and transporting chips. 
Briquetting chips reduces the volume it occupies by 10 - 15 times. This leads to the fact that an order of magnitude less factory returnable packaging is required, it takes up less production and storage space, the process is simplified and the time for loading chips into wagons and trucks for further transportation is reduced.

The overall dimensions of the resulting briquettes are 80 mm in diameter, 100 mm high and weigh 4 kg. optimal:

⦁ due to the size they require less time for melting in the furnace, which reduces economic costs.

⦁ Convenient dosing and transport