Nobake casting

Nobake casting technology

LLC “BIW” offers its services to produce the parts from aluminum and copper-based alloys by nobake casting.

Nobake casting is a rather complicated process in technical terms, but it is also in demand because it has a huge number of advantages over other casting methods.

Nobake casting technology has many advantages that make it popular. The use of a mixture of sand and resin components for the manufacture of molds is environmentally friendly and safe. Using this method, it is possible to produce molds of different shapes and sizes.

Nobake casting technology can be used in full-scale and small-scale production. Our company LLC “BIW” also applies this technology in its activities, the whole range of work is performed by experienced experts. This guarantees high quality and prompt order processing for nobake casting.

The main advantages of nobake casting technology:

  • low cost of tooling and short time of its manufacturing;
  • high strength of produced molds / cores;
  • nobake casting can be used in the manufacturing of castings of almost any configuration of aluminum and copper-based alloys;
  • flexibility in the manufacturing of diversified products;

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