In metal processing, we implement one of the most popular processes today - heat treatment.The plant’s assets include a bogie hearth furnace PVP 10.20.10 / 12.5M.

It is used for annealing, normalization, quenching of large-sized, heavy parts in the temperature range from 800 C to 1200 C


  • Three-sided heating (side and back walls)
  • Reinforced sliding hearth bottom (rolled metal, refractories, tooling)
  • Heating elements - spirals made of super ferro-aluminium high-resistance alloy on durable ceramic pipes
  • Multi-zone temperature adjustment
  • Modern microprocessor temperature control system in the furnace
  • Working chamber size: 1500*1000*1000mm (L/W/H)


in heat treatment


Surface heat treatment method. Allows you to increase the surface hardness of the workpieces. It is used for parts made of carbon and structural steels or cast iron.


This is a heat treatment process in which steel is heated above its recrystallization temperature and then allowed to cool in a controlled environment. This increases ductility, reduces hardness and relieves internal stresses, making the steel suitable for difficult machining and fatigue loads.


Thermal influence on the metal in order to change the processes occurring inside the metal. Change of physical and mechanical properties, as well as its internal structure - for specific tasks.


It is used to correct the structure of overheated steel, relieve internal mechanical stresses, destroy the carbide mesh, improve the machinability of structural low-alloy and low-carbon steels, and also as a preliminary operation to increase the depth of hardenability of carbon and tool steels.


This is the heat treatment of hardened alloys (mainly steel) - heating (below the lower critical point), holding and cooling. The goal is to obtain the required mechanical properties (the optimal combination of strength, ductility, impact strength), reduce or completely eliminate internal stresses, and reduce the brittleness of hardened steel.

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